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We also specialize in planning your successful retirement from employers like P&G, local School Districts and more…

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Stone House has 7 Conservative options including Stone House Principal Protect to help you sleep at night…

An alternative to low interest CD’s

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Natural Gas Planning

Leases, Pipelines, Taxes, Liabilities, Family Entities, Estate Planning, Trusts, Royalties, and more…

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Financial Planning

Stone House Offers A Wide Variety Of Planning And Investment Options

Family Financial Planner

New opportunities, new concerns :
Stone House makes it simple!

Those who have started to enjoy the additional income offered from natural gas development have discovered it comes with an almost overwhelming set of new concerns, such as:

  • Is it a good idea to pay down my mortgage?
  • How will I be taxed on this?
  • What about savings? Should I set something aside?
  • How long do these royalty payments last? Over time,
    how much will they decrease?
  • There are some things I’d like to have now…but is it better to wait?
  • I’d like to leave something for my children. What’s the best way to do this?
  • Gift Tax, Royalties, Clean & Green, Inheritance Tax, Estate Tax, Federal and State Income Tax: I’m getting bombarded with taxes!
  • I still want to maintain control of my own property.

The decisions you make today can have a profound effect on your financial future. Don’t worry! Stone House Family Planning Services help take the worry out of your new wealth. Here’s what we’ll accomplish together:


Estate Planning
We’ll coordinate your estate and will, look at the viability of establishing Family LP, LLC and Trusts and ensure that you are positioned to minimize all those taxes.

Tax Planning
Mistakes and mismanaged tax planning can cost you money. Up to now, it may have been negligible, but with increased income, it may cost you much, much more. Stone House can work with your accountant to develop a tax plan to minimize your tax burden.

Financial & Investment Planning
The most common oversight with the onset of new income is a failure to plan for the future. Remember: royalties don’t last forever. Stone House will show you how to create a regular income stream, pay down your current debts and save for the future, providing Investment Advisory and Portfolio Management services that make your money work for you today…and tomorrow.

Investment Planning

Royalty Management
Keeping accurate records and ensuring their safety requires some serious planning. Stone House will advise you on how to take inventory of your assets, monitor your royalty checks and centralize your document storage with safe, secure backups. We’ll make sure you understand future division orders and help protect you from potential liability.

Stone House Investment Management is currently working with families and friends throughout our community who are asking the same questions and facing the same concerns that you’re facing. Make the most of your wealth. Call Stone House Investment Management and learn how.

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