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We also specialize in planning your successful retirement from employers like P&G, local School Districts and more…

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Protect Your Money

Stone House has 7 Conservative options including Stone House Principal Protect to help you sleep at night…

An alternative to low interest CD’s

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Leases, Pipelines, Taxes, Liabilities, Family Entities, Estate Planning, Trusts, Royalties, and more…

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Our Portfolios

Stone House Offers A Wide Variety Of Planning And Investment Options

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Our Portfolios
Our clients have a wide range of investment styles and risk options to choose from when working with Stone House. Management Styles can be paired with different levels of risk to create a complete portfolio designed to meet the needs of each client.


Keystone Portfolios

Our Keystone Portfolios are the flagship of Stone House. These in-house managed accounts use a unique management philosophy that we created after a great deal of research and design. Ultimately, we wanted to create a portfolio that could potentially make money in any market condition without subjecting our clients to excessive risk. The insanity in the stock, fixed income, and commodities markets over the years since we created Keystone provided possibly the harshest test of any strategy. We are excited and proud of the performance of our Keystone Portfolios over the period.

Cornerstone Portfolios

The Cornerstone Portfolios employ a dynamic management style similar to Keystone explained above on a portion of the portfolio and mix in non-traditional asset allocations to create a truly different management style that compliments the other strategies and allows for an additional option to diversify your total investment portfolio.

Essential Portfolios

The Essential Portfolios use traditional asset allocation and investment management techniques to provide a smartly diversified portfolio of quality, managed mutual funds. The management style employed within the Essential Portfolios is a staple of the portfolio management industry as it provides an “all weather” portfolio that is designed to ride out the ups and downs in the market with a reasonable degree of volatility.

Essential Gold Portfolios

Essential Gold Portfolios are based on the same investment concepts as the Essential Portfolios, but include a larger number of investment holdings, ETF’s and a more dynamic approach to asset allocation. These portfolios were designed to try to manage risk and return more effectively without straying from the basic principles that guide the Essential Portfolios.

Principal Protect

For our more conservative investors who like the idea of investing in a bank CD or other product that guarantees the return of their principal, Principal Protect provides an attractive option. With Principal Protect, you have the option of protecting your initial investment, while still participating in the market by putting your future interest payments to work in the market today. Ultimately, it is designed to provide an alternative to low-interest bank CD’s and treasuries while still providing a layer of protection around your initial principal. Call us today for more information to see if principal protect is right for you.

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