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Natural Gas Planning

Leases, Pipelines, Taxes, Liabilities, Family Entities, Estate Planning, Trusts, Royalties, and more…

Find the right solutions!

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Protect Your Money

Stone House has 7 Conservative options including Stone House Principal Protect to help you sleep at night…

An alternative to low interest CD’s

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Retire With Stone House

We also specialize in planning your successful retirement from employers like P&G, local School Districts and more…

Retire Right With Stone House

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Inheritance / Lump Sum

Stone House Offers A Wide Variety Of Planning And Investment Options

Taxes On Inheriting Money Or Lump Sum

Inheritance / Lump Sum
Inheriting assets or receiving a large lump sum is rarely a bad thing, but the tax and investment ramifications can create confusion. Understanding the complex issues and making smart decisions regarding your new wealth can help you preserve it for a life time. Let us help you navigate through these issues and make the right decisions


Family LP’s, LLC’s, and Estates & Trusts

Wealth Planning Done Right!
We can help bring your plan together and coordinate professionals

Diversify & Grow Your Nest Egg

With Our Managed Portfolios...
18 portfolio options ranging from very conservative to aggressive

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Stone House

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grow your retirement.

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